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Creating Magic moments

Raising moments above the ordinary You have many ordinary moments in your life. What makes a magic...
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The effect of addiction on children

Families in addiction Over the past few years I have felt more and more moved to work with the...
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addiction in families – Is my whole family ill?

Addiction in families - A Family Illness? Addiction in families is an issue as old as addiction...
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Learning how to use difficulties – your best teacher in addiction recovery

The best way to view your difficulties Learning how to use difficulties is one of the main keys to...
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The Audit – Developing your Recovery from Addiction

Auditing - Developing your Recovery All counselling asks you to look at the things you have been...
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Awareness Acceptance Action – Changing behaviour

Say AAA! Do you get into trouble through your ‘reactions’ based on how you feel? Are you forever...
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Build Recovery in the right place for you

This is the second question in the series of planning your recovery. After asking you the first...
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Planning Recovery – Is it your design?

Is it your design? Are you planning Recovery? Before you build anything there is a planning stage...
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What do you want from an addiction treatment program?

Let me describe you You are successful, financially in business or music or media. You are doing...
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My approach to addiction and recovery

The Relational View of recovery from addiction I take the ‘relational view’ on what are primarily...
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